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Litigation: We have years of experience at the trial and appellate level, including decisions published in the Appellate Division Reporter.

• Real Estate and Landlord/Tenant Law: Whether you're a buyer or seller, landlord or renter, we can handle all the headaches involved in real estate transactions and litigation.

• Wills/Estate/Elder Law: You can't take it with you, but it's got to go somewhere. We can prepare your will and health care proxy, as well as trust documents, to make sure it goes where you want it, and not to the government.

• Intellectual Property/Internet Law: If you have a web site, call now. The law is still catching up with all the developments in the online universe, and you may be exposing yourself or your business to liabilities you didn't even know existed.

• Matrimonial/Family Law: When you're going through a divorce or a family crisis, it's hard to put emotions aside and think things through rationally. We'll give you a clear picture of your situation and focus on the bottom line, making sure you keep what you're entitled to keep.

• Debt/Bankruptcy: In these trying times, people who never thought they'd be in dire financial straits are finding they can't make ends meet. If bankruptcy isn't for you, we'll tell you, and if it's the only viable option, we'll make the process as quick and painless as possible.

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